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See The Future

Seek the Answers Within & Find the Mystic in You

Energetic Best Practices & How to Begin

Learn how to ground, center, and protect your energy! Cleanse and prepare your space so that you can receive the most.

Tarot Card Meanings Explained

Gain in-depth knowledge about the major and minor arcana symbolism. Learn each archetype of the hero's journey.

Accurate Tarot Spreads & Rituals

Easy to use spreads and meditations for the contemporary woman on the go! Expand time with our rituals.

Meet Your Tarot Teacher


Tinsley Tarot is a professional tarot card reader in Los Angeles, CA. She has been a professor and taught at university levels, ready to share the wisdom and magic of tarot with you!  

For the past six years, Tinsley has guided clients at private events and corporate activations. Her award-winning insight is trusted nationally. 

As a Reiki Master energy healer, Tinsley's code of ethics is of the highest caliber. Her level of professionalism is unmatched in the field. 


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Modern Mystic School - Online Tarot 101

A self-paced online beginners to intermediate course great for setting the foundation for your tarot practice. See what is in the cards for you!

Enhance Your Intuition

+ Receive Illuminating Insight

Dive into the depths of your soul with the power of tarot card reading!

  • Learn tarot best practices, how to use crystals as a tool and the importance of the Chakra system
  • Discover new ways to shift your perspective and see things from a higher viewpoint
  • Experience a profound transformation in your confidence and improve the relationships around you
  • Gain hidden knowledge around the past, present and future energy of any situation

Heal the Past

+ Tarot as a Tool for Self Reflection & Personal Empowerment

Are you ready to level up and see yourself as the hero of your own story?

  • Overcome limiting belief systems and patterns holding you back
  • Take full accountability and ownership of your experience and decisions¬†
  • Learn how to connect with your ancestors and spiritual team for added support along your journey
  • Heal your inner child and embrace the goddess within you

Gain Clarity On The Present

+ Navigate Decision Making 

Take the guesswork out of major decisions with the support and guidance of tarot reading!

  • Feel empowered to take action and make your goals a reality and crush your to-do list
  • Use our meditations included in the course to improve your efficiency and stay present in the moment
  • Increase productivity and take control over your thoughts

Enrich Your Life with Tarot Card Reading 

+ Let the Metamorphosis Begin

Are you ready to shapeshift into something exciting and new? 

  • Activate your higher power and unlock the answers you hold within¬†
  • Feel cosmically supported and receive the guidance you have been looking for
  • Learn how to ground, center, and protect your energy so that you can enhance your natural intuitive abilities¬†

Save 60% Off Today 

$99 - Special Offer

Early bird pricing is available for a limited time to Modern Mystic School - Tarot 101. 

Just launched May 2024 - the first lesson is available now! A new lesson will become available each month until the series is completed in October. 

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The 22 Major Arcana Cards Explained

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