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Hollywood Premieres

+ High Profile Events

In 2022 Tinsley Tarot read tarot cards for the SHOWTIME premiere party for Juniper.

  • Gave guidance to the actresses in the film, as well as their guests and people in the film industry. 
  • Read cards for over three hours after a long line formed at their invite-only party. 
  • Provided upscale customer service and undivided attention to each high-end client.

Tarot Parties

+ Halloween Parties, Weddings, & Adult Celebrations 

Add some magic to your special night with the guidance of an award-winning tarot reader!

  • Amaze your guests with a night they will never forget. 
  • Receive compassionate advice and high quality sparkling entertainment! 
  • Prices start at $150 an hour with a minimum 2-hour commitment. 

Corporate Events

+ Curated Experiences

In 2019 Tinsley Tarot was invited by Warner Music to setup a Smudging Station for their employee holiday party. 

  • Upon request, we created a guided DIY experience to assemble and bind sage bundles for smoke cleansing. 
  • We provided fresh herbs of White Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose Petals and Pine.
  • Instructions were included on how to dry the fresh bundles and cleanse a space for the new year.  

Sound Baths

+ Wellness Retreats, Group Reiki Energy Healing, Private & Corporate Wellness

Give the gift of relaxation and serenity to improve your work place environment or your relationships at home.

  • Soothe, reduce stress and elevate each person's set point of wellness with Reiki and Sound Bowl Frequency Healing.
  • Increase performance and provide relief with an energetic oasis created by Reiki Master Tinsley Tarot.  

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