Long Beach, CA 

Tarot Reading & Reiki Healing Sound Baths



Tarot Reading & Reiki Healing

  • 30 Minutes of Tarot Card Reading
  • 30 Minutes of Reiki Energy Healing with crystal singing bowl sound bath
  • Feel rejuvenated with a mind, body, soul tune-up in our Belmont Heights Wellness Studio
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Reiki Energy Healing

  • Enhance your quality of life & release stress
  • Improve symptoms of headache, insomnia, anxiety & nausea
  • Melt into your own personal sound bath as crystal singing bowls & other instruments are played around you
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 Tarot Party or Sound Bath

Host an Incredible Experience

  • Prices start at $175 an hour for private parties at home with a 2-hour minimum commitment
  • Treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind magical experience
  • Provide guidance or frequency healing in the venue of your choice 
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The 5-Star Reviews Are In...

Tinsley was so warm, pleasant, professional, and her insights were truly helpful. She provided me excellent clarification and helpful resources. If you’re thinking about booking a reading or session, DO IT!

Sarah Semsar

"I’ve went to a lot of Tarot readers and I can genuinely say Tinsley is so authentic and gifted. She doesn’t give you general responses and even better gives you actions to do which is what I like the most. If you follow her guidance you will truly actualize what is being told to you and get the answers you seek. I will always go to Tinsley for my readings and spiritual guidance.

Maxine Outerbridge

My reading was eerily spot on and Tinsley really took the time to explain how it relates to my life. She genuinely cares and it’s evident her readings. She goes above and beyond to give feedback and suggestions for healing. I’m so glad I decided to do this!

Zoe Briseno

Wellness Packages

For in-person one-on-one services. Available for ages 18+

3 Sessions


Top features

  • Save $75 at $110 per 1-hr Session
  • Choose between Tarot Reading or Reiki Sound Bath, or combo of both
  • Gain momentum towards a specific goal
  • Lifetsyle tips to help you grow

6 Sessions


Most Popular

  • Save $210 at $100 per 1-hr Session
  • Choose between Tarot Reading or Reiki Healing, or combo of both
  • Share your appointment with a friend
  • Advice on how to achieve your goals & shift mindset

9 Sessions


Top features

  • Save $405 at $90 per 1-hr Session
  • Choose between Tarot Reading or Reiki Healing, or combo of both
  • Share your appointment with a friend
  • Best for personal transformation

Meet Tinsley Tarot

I am here to help you gain clarity & heal by honoring your unique experience.

Life is a journey & can sometimes leave us feeling stuck, lost, or even discouraged. 

Discover what is holding you back so that we can unlock your full potential, together!

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What to Expect:


1. Request an appointment with the form below.

2. Tinsley Tarot will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your service or event.

3. In-person services are offered in our Belmont Heights wellness studio in Long Beach, CA and require approval before booking. 

4. All information discussed will be kept confidential, your secrets are safe with us!

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Why Choose Tinsley Tarot in Long Beach?


✨ Studio Serenity: Our Belmont Heights studio is a haven of tranquility, the perfect backdrop for transformative experiences.

✨ Illuminating Insights: Our tarot readings and reiki healing sound baths unveil new perspectives, empowering you to navigate life's intricacies with confidence.

✨ Personalized Connection: We understand that each journey is unique. Our tailored approach ensures your experience is one-of-a-kind.

✨ Lasting Magic: The enchantment you'll discover with Tinsley Tarot will linger, reminding you of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

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We are going to upgrade together!