DALL-E 2 Will Disrupt Art with the Alchemy of AI

Aug 26, 2022

The future is here and if you are a visual creator, you have been warned. 


AI is on the brink of revolutionizing the way we see and make images forever. 


This robust and impressive machine learning system is about to disrupt the graphic design industry, photography, and even the fine art world by putting the power of creativity into the hands of everyone. 


It all begins with a simple prompt, directing what it is that you want to create. 


I have a Master of Fine Arts Degree and the images that DALL-E 2 generates are nothing short of amazing. Of course, not every output is a winner, but there is usually at least one that embodies my vision out of every 4-8 iterations. This is mind-blowing and the potential for this application seems to have no end in sight. 


When I first heard of this, I signed up for the waitlist at https://openai.com/dall-e-2/ and was granted access within two months after my request. I recommend that you do the same to test out this spectacular new tool that is currently offered in beta by Open AI.


So how does it work?


All you need is a sentence that explains what you are looking for. The more specific the better, combining the subject, color, style, and camera angle or lens to pinpoint results. You can even add the shutter speed! Every image is original and it will never make the same image twice. So freaking crazy! 


This application is great for small business owners who have to do everything themselves. It is perfect for creating website and social media content without the need of a big budget.


DALL-E 2 will make high-quality images accessible to the public and empower small players to make big waves. This is an entrepreneur's dream, but also may be a graphic designer’s worst nightmare. 


Here are some of my favorite prompts that I made for my brand:


“A synthwave style sunset above the reflecting water of the sea, digital art”


“A synthwave style black cat with tarot cards”


“Photo of woman holding crystal ball, high detail, neon lights, smoke, sharp, studio, 85mm sigma art lens, vogue magazine cover” 


Want more inspiration for your prompts?


Download an awesome DALL-E prompt book by the Dall-ery Gall-ery here: https://dallery.gallery/the-dalle-2-prompt-book/


I have found it to be a valuable resource when navigating what this technology is truly capable of.  DALL-E 2 can have trouble creating faces and human forms, but I predict that will be fixed when the next update comes out. 


This is just the beginning and soon there will be no limit to your imagination. 


Visual machine learning will also impact the industries of social media, animation, advertising, and even film. I believe DALL-E 2 will inspire the static image to then become animated, adding motion and video to the mix. 


Love + Light,

Tinsley Hammond
Founder of Tinsley Tarot

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