Can Tarot Card Reading Be Done Online?

Feb 09, 2022

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Can a tarot reading really be done online? 

Yes! Tarot card reading works just as well online as an in-person session with a reader with the right skills. Always research the reviews of the reader and testimonials before booking your appointment to make sure they are legit. 


How tarot card reading works: 

When having your cards read, you gain awareness of where your energy is in the past, present, and future. 

Tinsley Tarot uses a Celtic Cross spread, and each card position represents a different part of your life. The readings provide guidance with an intention to help you achieve what you want in the greatest and highest good. Tinsley Tarot shuffles the cards until she is told they are in alignment for the message you need to receive and then the fun begins! Each card and placement is explained to you in detail. 

If something major is still impacting your past, that means this could be blocking you from moving forward. By knowing what it is, it can be released and let go of.

The future cards give insight to where you are going at this moment, but this can be changed with any major decision. Think of it as forewarning or confirmation that you are on the right path.


It’s an energetic checkpoint, to get a birds-eye view of what is really going on.

You can pick a topic - like a specific relationship, or job, or you can choose to keep it general! General readings are open, focusing on what you need to know most at this time with pinpoint advice! You will not need to provide any information to gain a world of insight. 


Can a tarot card reading change?

Yes! Our future is always shifting with every choice that we make, giving us the opportunity to redirect when needed. Any major decision or lifestyle change will alter the present and future cards of any new readings. If you would like to keep your future cards the same, keep doing what you have been doing! This will help you stay on track and produce a similar outcome. 


What to expect from a tarot card reading with Tinsley Tarot: 

Getting a reading online over zoom is just as accurate and powerful as being with Tinsley Tarot in person. She channels your energy, shuffling the cards on your behalf, and is sent the messages that you need to hear from your guides. 

Each tarot reading includes a photo of your cards and a written recap for you to read after or at a later time. You will also receive a bonus of personalized lifestyle suggestions, meditations, or breathwork to help you continue to go where you want to be! 


How tarot card reading can help you: 

A tarot reading can offer a different perspective and angle that you may not have previously considered. If given by an experienced tarot reader, the guidance you receive can be life-changing and something you will remember forever. 

It will help you gain clarity if you are stuck in a difficult decision or major crossroads in your life. Tarot card reading is great for identifying blind spots or hidden agendas of other people. Think of it as your own personalized message from the universe, delivered to you in divine timing. It is a tool to help enlighten your journey and see the big picture of your life. 


Love + Light,

Tinsley Hammond
Founder of Tinsley Tarot


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