5 Daily Beauty Tips to Naturally Get Your Glow On

Apr 01, 2022
These practices have changed my life, and are the rituals I use to stay looking young and feeling my best!


Dry Brush Your Skin

Detox your lymphatic system by dry brushing your skin before hopping into the shower. This technique will not only exfoliate but also restores skin firmness and encourages blood flow to all areas of the body. Use a natural firm bristle brush to brighten and smooth your body once to twice a week.

How to dry brush: 

  1. Make sure your skin is dry before beginning.
  2. Apply slightly firm pressure and start at your ankles.
  3. Work upward toward your heart in small strokes or in a circular motion.
  4. Once you have completed your lower half, start at your wrists and brush toward your heart again. 
  5. Shower once complete and feel refreshed and revitalized! 

If you have sensitive skin start slow and try dry brushing every couple of weeks. Wash your brush once a month with baby shampoo to keep it fresh and clean. This practice has many benefits and will give you glowing skin. Be sure to wear sunscreen daily to make the most of your investment in beauty and longevity! 


Treat Your Hair Right Before & After Washing

Add oil to the ends of your hair before washing to retain moisture and prevent damage. My favorite oil is Gold Lust by Oribe and is great for adding to my ends to smooth before I shower and to style once it is dry. Only wash your hair every 3-4 days if possible to keep it from drying out. Use a wet brush to comb through wet hair to prevent breakage and safely detangle. 

Have you noticed that the hair around your temples is starting to become fine or even bald? This is from putting your hair up into a turban to dry. As satisfying as it may be to get your hair out of the way as you are getting ready, this puts a lot of tension on the hair around your face. Skip this step by getting a super absorbent hair towel and gently scrunch the moisture away. I learned this tip from Brad Mondo and he definitely knows everything about hair! 


Grow Healthy Nails with a DIY Nail Oil

Most nail oils are full of toxic chemicals and many do not do what they promise. The best recipe I have found is something that you can easily make at home! Combine Vitamin E Oil with Jojoba Oil in a 50/50 mixture into a nail oil pen and voila, you are on your way to healthy nails! 

I purchased all of the ingredients on Amazon and have been very happy with the        Pura d’or Organic Vitamin E Oil and Leven Rose Organic Jojoba Oil. You can get a 5 pack of 3 ml transparent twist pens that will last you a while! Keep a pen next to your bed and apply the oil to your cuticles and all sides of your nails to strengthen, improve flexibility, and level up your nail game overnight. This mixture has helped my nails so much and I want to thank Cristine, the founder of Holo Taco for sharing her awesome wisdom! 


Define Your Features with Gua Sha

Enhance your skincare routine by adding facial massage to your regiment and gain some impressive results. Gua Sha is a technique of using a flat stone to glide over the face in an upward and out motion. Originally developed in China, this ancient technique has been proven to improve collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, decrease puffiness and sculpt facial muscles. 

If you are ready to upgrade your jade roller, Gua Sha is definitely the next step up! There are many fantastic how-to videos on YouTube and it's pretty simple to learn. Use the techniques to see some pretty awesome improvements. There is no pump for our lymphatic system, so this is a wonderful method to detox your system and release any excess fluid that may cause bloating. Always pair massaging the face with a high-quality oil so that the stone can glide freely without any resistance. 

The results are noticeable after a single session but it is best to continue the practice once a day to keep the benefits going. Once you get the hang of using the stone and the direction it needs to go, you can mimic that pressure with your hands! I use my fingertips in a pulsating rhythm from my jaw upward and it works just as well. This practice has helped me chisel my cheekbones, decrease inflammation and be much happier with how I look without makeup. 


Take a Break From The Booze 

You know that line from the Postal Service song, “It’s not a party if it happens every night?” Well, that could not be more right. The truth is that the body needs to take breaks from alcohol because it is essentially poison. If possible, reserve drinking for special occasions so that it actually does feel special. 

Although fun, alcohol slows down the body’s ability to heal and bounce back. As we get older, hangovers last much longer, and its damage increases. We operate with poorer cognitive performance and retain much more water, causing inflammation. Drinking stresses the body out as we attempt to destress, adding more fuel to the flames. 

Do yourself a favor and give your body time to rest and recover between those late nights out. You will look better and feel better too! Find other stress-reducing activities and habits that will support your health instead of depleting it and your future self will thank you! 


All of the products mentioned are from my personal collection and I am not being paid to promote them. 


Love + Light,

Tinsley Hammond
Founder of Tinsley Tarot

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