Distance Reiki Energy Healing

It's Time to Feel Better



A refreshing tune-up!

  • Reduce stress & boost your mood
  • Relieve pain, anxiety & tension
  • Balance and align your chakras
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Enter a deep state of transformation.

  • Enhance your quality of life
  • Improves symptoms of headache, insomnia, anxiety & nausea
  • Sound Bowls & other instruments will be played to enhance your experience
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1-Hour Tarot & Reiki

Get the best of both worlds!

  • 30 Minutes of Tarot Card Reading
  • 30 Minutes of Reiki Energy Healing with crystal singing bowl sound bath
  • Feel rejuvenated with our mind, body, soul tune-up
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30 Minutes


Top features

  • $1.83 per minute
  • Best for clients who have received Reiki recently
  • Perfect for a lunch break getaway on a stressful day
  • Find peace, balance & alignment

60 Minutes


Most Popular

  • $1.65 per minute
  • Best for new clients trying Reiki for the first time
  • A great way to reset and let go of all that no longer serves you
  • Feel energetically rejuvenated & revitalized

Tarot + Reiki


Top features

  • $2.08 per minute
  • Best for personal transformation
  • Tarot elevates your perspective & mindset
  • Reiki soothes the body & increases frequency

The 5-Star Reviews Are In...

Love going to Tinsley for Reiki healing. I always feel so much better and enlightened on a spiritual level.”

Baily Green

"It was an uplifting and enlightening experience. I am looking forward to returning. I entered heavy hearted and came out cleansed with a feeling of peace.

Cynthia Wilson

This was my first professional Reiki session and it was amazing! Immediately I entered a vibrational stage & my heart chakra was the first to experience healing, followed by my 3rd eye chakra. Those were the ones that needed it most and I didn’t realize it until the session started, but I feel so much better the day after, I feel like most of my blockages for meditation and astral projection have been released. Thank you, Tinsley!

Madison Kaminsky

"I have never had so many epiphanies in such a short amount of time. I was able to bravely look within myself to do some much needed shadow work. I feel like I’ve finally let myself break through certain walls around my heart to let in light. It feels so nice to have the veil lifted from my perspective on reality.

Vanessa Morris