Long Beach 

Tarot Club 

Members-only event space for in-person services

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Long Beach Tarot Club

A private event space for in-person services

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A Secret Location 

By Invitation Only*

Tarot Reading

Tired of Zoom? Let's work together in-person to recieve the messages you need in divine timing.

Energy Healing

The most powerful way to receive Reiki is in-person! Magnified by the frequency of crystal singing bowls, experience the bliss of serenity. 

Private Events

Meet awesome locals just like you! The Long Beach Tarot Club is a safe space for spiritual people.

Tea & Tarot

Meet conscious, friendly & energetically aligned people near you!

Being in Long Beach, we are located right in-between Orange County & Los Angeles. 

Get a tarot card reading, sip your choice of coffee or tea and socialize with members in a relaxed living room space.

Group Sessions

Share the fun with your friends and family! Book a group session for up to 6 people at a discounted rate for tarot card reading or a Reiki Energy Healing Sound Bath.

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One-On-One Experiences

Dive into the practice of self-care with the undivided attention of a Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master! Offering in-person tarot reading & Reiki Healing services.

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We Can't Wait to See You! 

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*Interested in an invitation? 

Invitations are reserved for clients that have seen Tinsley Tarot before. Schedule an online session first and say that you would like to be added to the list.