Why Instagram Does Not Take Down Scam Accounts

Dec 03, 2022

Fake accounts are a huge problem in the tarot card reading community.

Someone overseas will clone the account and then impersonate the creator. The scammers are aggressive and will relentlessly reach out to the followers of the original account by soliciting services under the guise of promising a "message from your ancestors." I know this because my clients message me - and tell me what is going on. I will get 5 messages a day from my followers until the account is removed. 


In the past, Instagram immediately removed scam accounts as soon as I submitted an official copyright infringement report. 

So far, 2022 has been different. This tech giant could easily compare two accounts and see that one was created years before the other - and then simply remove the newer account. But they choose not to. 


They put the burden on the creator to prove that their work is being copied.

This is extremely time-consuming and puts a strain on small business owners. Instagram could block the clone software if they wanted to. They could do so much more but choose to stay complicit. 

For the second time this year, I am required to submit direct links to the images and videos that are being copied. I cannot do this because the scammer blocked all the accounts that I created. Until recently, I was able to use my dog's account to get these links, but that account is now blocked too. This was Instagram's response to my latest official copyright infringement report on December 2nd, 2022:


The last scam account I had taken down was based in Nigeria, and Instagram had the audacity to tell me that there was no copywriting infringement, but it was taken down due to a violation of community guidelines. See that they do not allow me to respond, as no replies will be received: 


Copywrite infringement is, by definition: copying a work of original authorship, that of artwork, video, photography, or any other creative means.

They duplicated my account, therefore copying all my photography, digital art, and videos that I created, as well as stealing my identity. Does Instagram want to get into the philosophical debate of "What is and what is not art?" If so, I'm ready for it - I have a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Tufts University. 


It is clear to me that there are nefarious motivations behind this platform.

Since so many people are leaving Instagram for TikTok, they want to retain the scam accounts to keep their numbers up and inflated for the shareholders even though they are a danger to their real users. 

Fake accounts make Instagram ads appear like they are performing better than they actually are and have the capacity to reach a larger audience. Don't waste your time or money paying for their ads. 

This is your sign to sell your Facebook stock now if you have it because this dumpster fire is going to turn into a raging inferno. See the Tower card: 



So let me ask you a bigger question - is Instagram the real scam?

It seems obvious and is, unfortunately, a necessary evil for small business owners trying to survive. I am very close to jumping ship, or in this case, off the Instagram Tower. 

Are you on TikTok? If so, come find me @tinsleytarot - my only account. Do not trust any misspellings or variations of the username of any account on all platforms because they are all illegitimate imposters. 


Grand Rising,

Tinsley Tarot 



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